Dedicated Cheap VPN Servers

The ultimate in online security which is ideal for business and personal users. Unlike a virtual vpn server you won’t share any resources and the internet connection is yours, and yours alone to use. Our dedicated cheap vpn servers are whole dedicated servers converted into a vpn delivered fully setup

What is a vpn server? and how can a cheap vpn server help to keep you safe online?

A vpn server is essentially a computer you connect too and then use its own, private internet connection to download and browse content online. When visiting a website whilst connected to your vpn it will show your location as the location of your cheap vpn server and not your actual location, therefore your identity is completely hidden. You can connect almost any device to your vpn server from your mobile or tablet to your home pc and laptop. Business users can restrict access to programs like online billing centres and staff portals to your vpn ip address meaning only people connected to your cheap vpn will have access to your sensitive data. Connect your vpn server to your windows based pc or laptop as a network drive or on your phone or tablet to use your space as a cloud storage solution.

Shared VPN Servers

Ideal for people at home we take a virtual private server (vps) and convert it to a vpn server for you. Using KVM virtualisation your vpn server will be capable of up to 100 mbps download speeds

  • EU Based
  • KVM Virtualisation
  • Connect up to two devices
  • 10 GB network drive
  • Delivered fully setup

Dedicated VPN Server

Great for business users and home users who want a fully dedicated solution with no sharing of resources. Our dedicated vpn servers allow a download speed of up to 1 gbps and an upload speed of up to 500 mbps

  • EU Based
  • Fully dedicated
  • Connect up to one hundred devices
  • 500 GB network drive
  • Raid configured
  • Delivered fully setup


Absolutely the best vpn provider I have used. I received my vpn server within a few hours of placing my order. I followed the simple blog post in my welcome email to add my Windows pc to my vpn which only took a few minuets.

Duncan Smith

My online store needed an effective solution to allow my staff to login from home and work in a secure environment. By using a dedicated vpn server from CVPN I can issue my staff a vpn certificate and they can now connect through our vpn to our online billing and support centre

Jane Power

My client was looking for a way to secure his personal NAS drive at home. By using a vpn from I can restrict logins to my clients NAS drive to allow only users connected to his vpn access.

Robert Smith

Knowledge Base

Getting started with your vpn

Your vpn is delivered fully setup. All you need to do is connect your device to your vpn server. We have put together an easy step by step guide for you to connect your first device. Learn more

Reinstall your vpn software

You can reinstall your vpn and redeploy your vpn software by issuing the install code you use to add more users to your vpn server. Each time this is run your vpn will download the latest install updates from us

Adding more users to your vpn

You can add more users to your vpn server by simply running our install program from the command line whilst logged in as the root user to your vpn server. A new certificate is generated and you simply follow the instructions to connect your new device or user to your vpn server. Add more users

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