Dedicated VPN Servers

A dedicated vpn server is essentially a dedicated server converted into a vpn server. With a dedicated vpn server you don’t share any of the servers resources like connection or hardware with anyone else making them ideal for business users. Our dedicated vpn servers are all equipped with hard drives that have raid configured. You can use the space inside of your dedicated vpn server as a network drive or cloud storage solution.


How does this work?

With a vpn server you connect to a server that’s located in a different country then, download information using that servers internet connection. The content is then moved from the server to your device. The internet sees your ip address as the server you are connecting too. You can connect almost any device to your shared vpn server including Windows Laptops and PCs, Android and iOS devices.

Shared or Dedicated VPN

Its important you choose the best solution for your circumstances. Shared vpn servers are ideal for the average user at home whilst a dedicated vpn server is best for the business user.

Shared VPN Server

  • A smaller private server working from a large dedicated server
  • Lower monthly costs
  • Maximum speeds of 250 MBPS
  • Maximum of Ten devices
  • Use your space as a cloud storage solution

Dedicated VPN Server

  • A large dedicated server for use just by you, ideal for the business user
  • Larger monthly costs
  • Maximum speeds of 1 GBPS
  • Maximum of one hundred devices
  • Use your space as a cloud storage solution
  • Raid Configured

Dedicated VPN Server Plans

Dedicated VPN Plans

Installed CPU
Internet Connection
Maximum Users
Monthly Cost

Dedicated VPN One

AMD Athlon 64 5600+ X2
2x 500 GB
20 TB
2 GB
100 MBPS
One Hundred
£29.95 /Month

Dedicated VPN Two

Intel Core i7 930
2x 1 TB
20 TB
8 GB DDR-3
Five Hundred
£39.95 /Month

Dedicated VPN Three

Intel Xeon E3-1245V2
2x 3 TB
20 TB
16 GB DDR-3
Five Hundred
£44.95 /Month


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